Preparing for linear exams course – Day three

Last week, we held our third and final day of our ‘Maximising achievement in linear exams’ course. […]

Posted on 20 March 2018
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Finding a Functional Framework for Feedback

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the first of three full day workshops delivered by Sandringham School’s Posted on 19 March 2018
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From Evidence to Classroom Practice – researchED St Albans

Last Saturday, 3rd March, saw us making our way through the snow and ice to our researchED conference, held here at Sandringham Research School. […]

Posted on 12 March 2018
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researchED St Albans

On Saturday March 3rd, teachers and researchers from across the region battled through the snow to make it to our researchED conference. […]

Posted on 9 March 2018
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A new start: the pyramid of success

Sometimes it takes someone else’s words to crystallise an idea that has been formulating at the back of your mind, and for me it was a blog by Ben Newmark explaining his approach to starters under the mantra ‘nothing new, it’s a review’. He essentially rolled out a 15-question history quiz split into five questions on last lesson, five on the current topic and five on anything studied so far – rolled out to all his classes. […]

Posted on 27 February 2018
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Preparing for linear exams course – day two

On Tuesday 6th February, the Sandringham Research School welcomed delegates back to the second of our three day course on ‘Maximising achievement in linear exams’. In this blog, I signpost some of the research evidence we examined and reflect on what delegates found helpful. […]

Posted on 25 February 2018
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