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The planning season … using the mythical gain time

15 May 2018

As my job is concentrated in the sixth form, my work year is divided into definite seasons and the last half term is definitely different to the rest. In days gone by, there would have been the much longed for ‘gain time’. Alas, this has receded somewhat, and for very good reasons. However, there will […]

Author: Kate Mouncey
Posted on: 15 May 2018
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Research School Teaching Tip – Metacognition

5 December 2017

In our last blog, we shared with you the Teaching Tip we presented to our staff on the research behind use the use of flashcards as an effective revision tool.In our second presentation to staff, the Research School team focused on meta-cognition and how encouraging our learners to think more explicitly about their learning can be very effective in supporting progress. […]

Author: Karen Roskilly - Sandringham Research School Lead
Posted on: 5 December 2017
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