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Calling time on ineffective revision

24 February 2018

At Sandringham Research School, we’re really excited to get our hands on a copy of the next edition of the Impact journal from the Chartered College of Teaching. Sandringham’s Research Leads Kate Mouncey, Karen Roskilly and I wrote an article which features in the journal. The article focuses on the Memory Clock, a model we developed for students to help them revise more effectively. […]

Author: Dr Caroline Creaby, Sandringham Research School Director
Posted on: 24 February 2018
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What is ‘evidence-informed education’ and why are we loving it so much?

26 September 2017

As we commence our journey as a Research School, we can’t help but feel there is a real change taking place in education and we are hugely excited to be a part of it! […]

Author: Kate Mouncey, Research Lead at Sandringham Research School
Posted on: 26 September 2017
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Why research evidence matters in education

20 September 2017

Over a decade ago, I was involved in a project about students’ learning styles. In the mid-noughties, the language of learning styles was commonplace in schools but when I started to read up about them, other than a multitude of commercial companies selling their ‘expertise’ and training, I struggled to find much substantive evidence or […]

Author: Caroline Creaby, Director of Sandringham Research School
Posted on: 20 September 2017
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